Feed the Vultures…part 2: the Bayou

Who needs a park when the Bayou is there? Wake-up early and cameras ready: will we see an alligator in its own habitat, eventually??



A beautiful heron rests at the side of the pier, undisturbed by our presence. Beautiful, but not what we are looking for…. We must push ourselves more in depth towards the less accessible areas of the bayou.


This inner cove has been in the past an area where gators used to rest: seems to me a potential good place…


Marta is ready with her camera…


It takes only a few minute before something drifts in the water ahead of us







The Bayou is an amazing place to see the wildlife in its own environment and spend some hours immersed in the nature. We spent much more hours than what was requested… but that’s another story…



..and also we still need to clarify the title of this and of the previous post: what does the Vultures have to do with all this? And who’s supposed to feed them or why??? The mistery behind all this will be revealed at the right time…


  1. esterkiki says:

    Beautiful I love the photos! So lovely

    Liked by 1 person

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