Feed the Vultures…part 1: the Park

The Texan dangerous fauna has always been one of the main concerns here. Saudi Arabia did not have much more than what we were used to in Italy and in 3 years we have not seen anything that could represent a risk to us other than a few packs of dogs around the compound.

But here it’s Texas,  a whole different story. Sharks in Galveston, cotton mouth, copper heads and gators in the bayou literally 100 meter from our door – this is Marta’s recurrent thought.

The alligator, in particular, has been feared much: youtube has been searched deeply by Marta as she foud several videos of gators in the garages or swimming pools of american citizens (some even from Texas!). Just a walk to the park was enough to see traces of the enemy….


…still no actual living signs of them… months pass and no real gator comes and visit us. One day we take the decision: if the alligators don’t come to us then WE will pay them a visit: let’s go to the Gator Country in Beaumont!!






…wait, can you please zoom???



But a park is a park and wild animals should be seen in real life… Let’s try with the bayou just a few meters down the road!

(to be continued….)



  1. Kim says:

    Have y’all ever watched Swamp People? It’s about alligator hunters in South Louisiana. Pretty entertaining if just for a couple of episodes,

    Liked by 1 person

  1. […] needs a park when the Bayou is there? Wake-up early and cameras ready: will we see an alligator in its own […]


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