Last 60 with my 50 – Street Portraits

Let’s close the series of Saudi with the true protagonists of our adventure in the Kingdom: the people!

This is in fact more an exercise to win my shyness with one-on-one photography than a comprehensive collection of portraits of the people we’ve met. Below I have grouped the 8 portraits that close the mini-project ‘Last 60 with my 50’.

Portrait 1 – Mamun


Mamun, from Bangladesh. He is a taylor in Tabuk. In Saudi to work and sustain his family back in Dhaka.

Portrait 2 – Nizam


Nizam from Pakistan. He owns a pawnshop in Al Jubail where he arrived over 20 years ago. He sells many things, from statues to clocks and small jewels coming from almost any country in the middle-east.

Portrait 3 – Michail


Michail from Greece. In KSA since 1 year: he is a surgeon in Al Jubail.

Portrait 4 – Franco


Franco from Philippines, works in the maintenance department in our compound in Jubail. In KSA since 2 years: just like most of the workers his activity here in Saudi is providing sustenance to his whole family in the Philippines.

Portrait 5 – Asmeer


Asmeer from Amman, Jordania. Works as Telecommunication Engineer in Khobar and Al Jubail. In KSA since 15 years he’s living now in Al Khobar with his beautiful family.

Portrait 6 – Thamer


Thamer, from the Holy City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He’s a brilliant project engineer working in Al Jubail.

Portrait 7 – Ibrahim


Ibrahim, works as Assistant Manager at the Compound’s Restaurant. He is from Egypt and came to KSA 2 years ago.

Portrait 8 – Ahmed


Ahmed from Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Ahmed works at a pop-corn booth to fund his studies.

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