Last 60 with my 50 – Street Portrait 5

The next two portraits were taken at my office:  two colleagues who accepted to become part of the blog. This experience working abroad allowed me to be in touch with people and stories extremely different from my own: each story comes following its own path and evolves in ways that are unpredictable. Looking forwards to be meeting you again somewhere around this small world!

Our adventure in Saudi Arabia is coming to an end and we are already thinking at what soon will be our new home. We have 60 days, to capture how we see KSA after being here for 3 great years. This portrait shot with my 50mm is part of my mini-project before starting a new fantastic adventure!


Asmeer from Amman, Jordania. Works as Telecommunication Engineer in Khobar and Al Jubail. In KSA since 15 years he’s living now in Al Khobar with his beautiful family.

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