Last 60 with my 50 – Street Portrait 2

I met Nizam when our compound organized and hosted a local sale from shops located in Jubail. I thought it was a good opportunity to ‘come out’ and shoot, take a picture of a perfect stranger, win the fear of rejection. The big Canon is not helping: its look tends to scare compared to the modest Fuji , on the other hand the protected environment offered by the compound makes things easier and prepared for a good chat with Nizam.

Our adventure in Saudi Arabia is coming to an end and we are already thinking at what soon will be our new home. We have 60 days, to capture how we see KSA after being here for 3 great years. This portrait shot with my 50mm is part of my mini-project before starting a new fantastic adventure!


Nizam from Pakistan. He owns a pawnshop in Al Jubail where he arrived over 20 years ago. He sells many things, from statues to clocks and small jewels coming from almost any country in the middle-east.

—++— DISCLAIMER –++–

No one of the models have been forced and none of these picture was ‘stolen’:  all the models were asked for the permission to take portrait. Moreover, I got the permission to post on my blog from each of them…should anyone change his mind at anytime in the future…just let me know!

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  1. If you met him tell him

    Aap kaa kaa-ya haal hay meaning how are you?

    He will smile

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