Back to the Park – Cool Edits and new Software

We are back to the US after a vacation that was just too short. Early July in Italy was great and late July in Houston is incredibly mild, very pleasant especially in the evening. This won’t last and the triple digit will be back soon. Better I take the camera for a quick tour just outside the door.

Click on the pictures below to see them in the gallery:

All pictures taken with a Canon 5d mark III and the 70-200 f/4. All pictures from our yard! This wonderful nature I was missing while in Saudi: I’ve been blessed I could find it in Texas!

I used Luminar for the squirrel and the flowers while for the red cardinal I like the EKTAR effect of my VSCO filter in Lightroom (RIP to VSCO, disappeared from the market too soon).

Everyone knows Lightroom, I don’t like to pay a yearly subscription to Adobe so I bought a competitor: Luminar. After some problems at the early stage, the software is now mature, stable and extremely powerful. If you want to give it a try you can download the demo from their site. And if you like it and want to buy a copy, this link will refer to my program.

Having said that, I am still curious to what the software market has to offer: there are many good programs out there, so I will keep on looking and testing the demos: if you have any suggestion write me, I’ll be glad to share impressions!

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