Lone star Bike Rally 2018 – Part 2

Time now for some characters from the Lone star Bike Rally 2018: in the Part 1 that we met in Galveston during a spectacular sunny day. Plenty of custom bikes, chromed rims and tough-looking riders who traveled from all around Texas for this edition of the rally.


Excellent opportunity to test our self-confidence: approach some never-seen-before tough looking guy/gal and ask them to take their portrait. This time the statistics saw a 100% success and none refused to pose; just one biker who agreed to be photographed only with the helmet face shield lowered, but I still count that as a success.




Double pose and eyes to the camera for this small dog and his owner: the quick Canon 100 mm f/2.8L macro lens is fantastic in capturing the moment and is one of my favorite lens for portraits. I prefer the 50mm f1.2  when more elements of the subject needs to be in the frame (such as the dress or an interesting hat) when the shooting distance is quite close or when the wider aperture can be exploited for out of focus extreme backgrounds, otherwise the 100 mm is fast, sharp and has superb colors.





The Christian Motorcyclist Association and the Bikers for Christ are just two of several groups that match religion with biking: in fact there are many more, you just need to google a bit…




Beers, girls and over-the-top sense of humor: this lady’s high class shirt and her baseball bat send a clear message: you don’t want to mess with her…


And we are not here to mess with anyone (not even with the simil-ZZ Top at Marta’s back) but to enjoy a spectacular meeting. See you next year !




  1. Fabulous fodder for your camera! But you are wise to ask permission first! 🙂 Ta, Mel

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  2. Fulvio Sormani says:

    Belllissimo……………………poco da commentare, parecchio invidiare. Ciao ragazzo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kim Russell says:

    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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