Capture the Joy!

There are places where a simple walk becomes an experience that brings joy to your eyes. That’s when I am happy I always carry a camera with me: that’s how I can capture and frame and express that sense of joy and wonder.

We spent the first week of April back to Italy and, as it’s very common during the transition season at the beginning of Spring, the sky changes several times during the same day:  the light becomes magic and the shapes of our land are enhanced.



As soon as we are kissed by this magic light I like to shoot the same subjects that I see everyday because I know they will look different and special.



An important factor is the post-production: I avoid over-processing so to keep the same feeling of the original scene. I avoid using over-saturated processes or presets (such as the Velvia simulations) and either do my own minimal tweaks in Lightroom or use a preset with low contrast and saturation.

I am currently experimenting with the Agfa Portrait XPS 160 (same preset used here) and I keep on liking it as a general purpose solution and not only for portraits.  I just need more practice to understand all the potentialities but for now it stays in my toolbox.





Very soon a mini-project will start: ‘My last 60 with my new 50’… I can’t say more for now but I promise that it will bring a HUGE change!


  1. tygus says:

    Inspiring photos! Keep on innovating, my friend!

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