Slow Down

Walk outside by the sea, breathe sun and wind. Disconnect from work, e-mails and next week’s meetings. Live the life here and now.  Soon we will be back to our routine but that doesn’t matter now.


For these pictures with a lot of sunshine and crispy colors I am leaving behind my usual Portra filters (160, 400 and 800) and try instead a new preset: the Agfa Portrait XPS 160 from the VSCO collection. As usual I will judge the results after a few months of persistent use….let’s wait and see.



  1. tygus says:

    Love that last picture! Speaks a thousand words to me. Cheers, my friend!

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  2. tygus says:

    PS.- You may want to check out @maghrebphotographyawards on Instagram. They’re running a photo contest at the moment. Small rewards, but it might be good publicity! Best regards, my friend!

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  1. […] am currently experimenting with the Agfa Portrait XPS 160 (same preset used here) and I keep on liking it as a general purpose solution and not only for portraits, of course I need […]


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