Champions or Nothing!

To fully understand this post you should see a spectacular movie from Paolo Villaggio (check it out at; minute 1:54).

Our approach to the UK culture started from the right place: the pub. Apart from the beer counter, the king of every serious pub is the snooker pool!

Snooker is probably the most difficult game I have ever played: nothing gets even close to it. A fraction of a millimeter changes completely the final result and the behavior of the cue, of the balls, and of the pool table, after 1 year now, is for me still a mystery.

If you played the American pool, well, don’t even consider it to be the same kind of game – it’d be like thinking that soccer and basketball are similar because the ball is round. Possibly, the right comparison should be made between the Italian pool or the Goriziana, and the Snooker.

Anyway, back to Marta and me: we chose the serious approach – let’s find a teacher and a club where we could learn to play snooker! And so we did – every Saturday morning we meet Andy a spectacular snooker player from Osset, whose ability is second only to his modesty (and perhaps patience, because in order to bear with my terrible errors you really got to be a saint!).

Andy and Marta discussing the right approach – soon after, the cue ball would hit the red for an easy pocket and +1 for Marta

Andy is far from Fantozzi’s pool teacher: his style is lovely, his patience is close to infinite, and his ability to teach is making us love every hour spent at the club.

We play for fun and laugh, surely we’ll be champions one day and then… I’ll grab the old lady! (to understand this last one, you’d better ask an Italian or watch the whole pool game at:

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