Preparing the 2021 List of Good Things…

This is just a placeholder for a post yet to come: as we are slowing down and approaching the end of 2021, it’s time to explore the year backward, looking for the many changes ad positive things that are now part of our lives. We won’t let the negativity drag us down, because there’s plenty of negative messages elsewhere – Facebook, news, TV, you name it…

I want the ‘audacity of positivity’, just to paraphrase Maggie Steber: my photos shall scan the space and time of my recent everyday life and only transfer the positive messages.

Not many photos of the British weather then (which is not completely true, as I will explain maybe in a future post) and plenty of pictures about the West Yorkshire and its surroundings. Let’s start with a promise: not really sure about the food, but, man, those ales are something….

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