Let’s move to West Yorkshire!

Our new home since December 2020 is the very green, very British and very full of history…. West Yorkshire!!!

Our adventure in UK starts from Wakefield, a rather big city, 20 minutes from the more famous Leeds. We’ve got a temporary accommodation, just a few minutes walking from my Site. It’s full COVID time and UK is under lock-down: this furnished apartment has been a blessing and we don’t have to worry about furniture or anything – just go through the self-quarantine weeks, get the grocery delivered home, and prepare to start our new life back in Europe….at least for a few more days…

Yes, just the time to get acquainted with this new city and Country then…BANG! Brexit hits! And UK finally exits Europe. We don’t care, or, better: we care but we keep going. Hoping for the best and prepared for the worst.

So, why not taking our cameras for a good look around at the Wakefield area, trying to capture the flavour of a winter (oh yes, the cold British WINTER) so much different from Texas, Saudi, or Tuscany but somehow similar to my (equally cold if not worse) hometown Turin!

This is the gorgeous view we had from our apartment – in the background: the Wakefield Cathedral
While the light in winter is beautiful and great for taking pictures, there is something in these black and whites that is so fascinating….
Marta found a good way to cope with the cold outdoors, a Canadian jacket…
…and she’s full of indoor resources too!

We are definitely off to a good start, but we also know that there are so many things that we must set-up within a few weeks… find a house, set up a bank account and a credit card, set up the utilities, learn to drive the other way-round and then fly the cats from Italy to UK… all this while both Marta and I keep working 8-9-10 and more hours a day…I still don’t know where we found the energies to get all these things done.

For sure a bit of patriotism helped us keeping the morale up and stay the course day after day, coffee after coffee πŸ™‚

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