In August 2020 Hurricane Laura brought death and mayhem to the Gulf. Unfortunately over 30 people were killed through its deadly path till the landfall in Cameron, Louisiana and over 70 deaths will be the final count.

The forecast models predicted the correct landing point just a few hours before the actual touch-down (something around 3 in the morning on the 27 of August). Till then Houston and in particular all the band within Houston and Galveston, was at very high risk. We decided to secure and shut down the plant on the 26th afternoon and keep the emergency plan active until further notice. Marta and I decided to evacuate our home and move just North of Houston to a hopefully safe hotel. We packed our bags with (more than) everything seemed useful in such a circumstance, and drove North, carrying with us a good dose of anxiety and our two cats in their cages.

Marta, with enough supplies to survive 20 weeks in the desert….

While the actual landfall was only known in the early morning of the next day, once we reached our ‘shelter’ the emergency turned into a sort of forced vacation: the first since December 2019. I perfectly remember how I felt when laying in the bed of the hotel: as if a 10 Tons weight was lifted from my back – for once, there were no more scenarios to evaluate, no other decisions to take, just wait…

Early the next day, we repack and go back home: the plant needs to restart the production and all activities require coordination. It was great to see that everyone we know is safe with their families. The night did not bring anything but a few inch of rain, there’s a strange light in the sky or maybe is just my imagination, a quick check outside in the garden, a quick look at the rooms inside our home – yes, life is back to normal….as if 2020 was a normal year at all!

Everything is back to normal…

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