A Special 2020 Texan Summer – Part 2

Independence Day in 2020 was… well, just like any other celebration during COVID: a pale image of what it could have been under more normal circumstances. This didn’t prevent us from wandering around the Harris County looking for signs of the event to come. So ‘Big Daddy’ with his Texas Outlaw and Red Rhino Fireworks deserved to stop the car and take some shot. Texas Loud, Texas Proud!

We got on the car in the morning and travelled from town to town, trying to stay out of the highway as much as possible. Getting out of the car was daunting: temperatures were always in the 100s and walking was an activity to be considered as a last resource…

Moving into August, the weather showed us its tough and rough face with storms and hurricanes constantly flogging the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico. The ‘best’ was in August when hurricane Laura had us evacuate from Clear Lake to find a safe shelter in the Northern part of Houston… but this will be for the next post…

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