A Special 2020 Texan Summer – Part 1

OK, May 2020: another Summer is approaching and my Winter theory that the COVID would not stand the Texan heat is not supported by the numbers. For several reasons, none of which is of interest to this blog, my workload during the rest of the year ramped up exponentially. Add to this, the constant concern for our families back in Italy.

Survive strategy? Well, we decided, for the sake of our mental health, to keep exploring the surroundings with our usual curious approach and steaming-hot cameras ready to shoot.

A moment, during that summer, when we felt that our mental health was slightly at risk….

We always felt a bit like tourists in this huge State, despite our friends doing everything possible to make us feel at home. For this reason even a trip at the beach, 15 minutes from home, had its own amount of ‘things worth seeing’..

Don’t know why, I got the feeling that this guy is heavily into fishing… just sayin’

But the real ‘break through’ was in May: Galveston ‘re-opened’ and thousands of people flocked to its beaches. Not much of a social-responsible distancing: in a few weeks the Texan number of new cases rose from 1,500 up to +15,000 per day. We all understood that the battle against the virus was not over….

Oh Yeah!

As the lock-down got more strict, we started some ‘new’ indoor activities to keep us busy through June…

…next, in Part 2: Independence day 2020 and a troublesome August in the Gulf with some serious stuff brewing…..


  1. Krubiat says:

    If I could give 10 likes I would do it!


  2. Olivera Pribic says:

    Ruggero,un vero artista🤗


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