365 Days Later

Exactly 365 days since my last post. We were eating Blue Bell ice cream like there was no tomorrow, no idea of what the next days, weeks and months had prepared for us.

At that time, it was 19 May 2020, there was not a vaccine for COVID yet, travelling to Europe was possible but not so coming back to the US. A record streak of hurricanes was about to swipe the Gulf of Mexico, and…. many other adventures were waiting for Marta and Ruggero!

So many, that I had to put the blog on a halt. But I did not give up shooting, and now is the time to post some updates and the pictures that, more than others, represent a meaningful memory of those days.

In this page, last things first: the spectacular symbol of the Johnson Space Center that we visited on our last day in Houston!

Stay tuned for more, very soon!

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  1. Krubiat says:

    Krubiat would follow you to the North Pole!

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