Or: how things change under the effect of an adverse situation.

This is a set of shots taken while out for our weekly errands around Clear Lake (TX), at the times of the Corona Virus. The first round is at Aldi, generally one of our preferred spots for decent quality at reasonable price on most of the items. You can tell Aldi is a European super market by one important detail: the operators at the register are allowed to sit. But this tremendously important sociological insight does not belong to this post: today we want to see how Aldi has been transformed under the fear for the Corona Virus.

At the entrance, no lines and no guards are waiting for us: a paper on the door is politely telling us what constraints are in place…for the time being.

Inside the supermarket the limits and constraints are definitely harsher. While I am not surprised seeing the shelves of the fresh meet completely empty….

…the semi-void in the frozen food fridge left me surprised considering that the amount of fresh meat is approximately 10 times less than the huge quantity of frozen food layered up into those big refrigerators.

And while some-one pays a hasty visit to the flour shelf, challenging any type of hazard….

…my mind travels to another continent and a few years back as soon as I see the shape of this man….

He checks his wallet to re-assess his actual buying power….still the limit is somewhere else…the shelves are empty: that’s CoronaVoid.

All shots taken in semi-stealth mode while grabbing stuff from the shelves with the killer camera: Fuji X-T2 and the kit lens 18-55 using an abnormally exaggerated ISO 3200. Post-pro in Lightroom for a quick Black and White (my general-purpose B/W preset).

And no: we could not find any toilet paper!

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