Thanks for Thanksgiving 2019

We arrived exhausted at the end of November: Thanksgiving 2019! The year has been extremely intense, lot of work and less space for us compared to the years in the Middle East.

We’ve been delighted by our friends and former neighbors who invited us for dinner: they’ve been travelling the world for work, with all the critical decisions that this condition and choice implies. On top of that, Houston is not their home town just like for us: this fact alone makes them close, gives us the impression we know them since long long time, infact it’s just a bit more than two years.

We do not have Thanksgiving in our tradition: even if the Catholics celebrations are centered upon praising God and being thankful for what was given, there’s nothing so specific in the Italian culture.

So it’s now time to give to this day a deep and personal meaning that works for our family. The key word is ‘intimacy’ and dwells into the small and most important things that we have the good fortune to have with us.

All pictures taken today, at home, with the Fuji X-T2 and the Sigma 35mm Art f/1.4. Yes: I used a Canon lens mounted on a Fuji camera. Manual focus and fixed aperture to f/1.4.

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