Closing Time: the Remake!

This is a photo remake with some additional background of the famous comic ‘Closing Time’.

In Marta’s original, the protagonist finds herself obstructing the closing activities of our preferred breakfast bar: her coffee mug is almost full however, too hot to drink. As the bar employees begin to send acoustic and visual signals such as dragging the bucket and moping the floor, restoring the drinks in the display, storing away the baking pans, her sense of uneasiness increase: trying to drink faster is not an option and her cry is ultimately a praise of the weekend habits of waking-up late and relaxing after a week of restless work.

The sun is high in the sky: 11.30 on a Sunday morning
Our breakfast is ready: normal size cup for me, Marta has her own, giant size, coffee mug
By the time we talk, the last customer leaves the bar: we enter the closing time!!
The subliminal messages hit the target… we just want to finish the coffee and leave!

Look at the original comic here!

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