From the Ground

The 737 Max is still grounded since March this year: a huge mess that took the lives of more than 300 people. A tragedy I should say.

The Boeing headquarter is 5 minutes walking distance from home and what strikes me the most of that huge building , since my first day here, are the parking spots. I don’t know why: the covered parking lot of Boeing sends my mind to visualize the life of a Boeing employee who parks the car there every day, walks the hall and gets to his office or cubicle in the main office building. He’s not one of the big dogs but a loyal employee that served the company for maybe over 20 years now. I visualize his daily routine. It’s an automatic process and, again, I do not know why this happens.

I surprise myself thinking at the struggles and worries that my imaginary employee must be going through during these days, at his hypothetical sense of guilt for the lives taken, the many ‘what if’ and the possible different choices not pursued, the concern of loosing the job…

Get back soon Boeing, after your have made up for the mistakes that you can fix and asked forgiveness for the ones that you can not.

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