It’s Over! – E’ Finita!

Our adventure in Saudi Arabia is coming to an end and we are already thinking at what soon will be our new home. We see everywhere signs that send our minds to the USA and we have a list of friends met here that will be our neighbors in Houston, once we will be there. Soon, very soon!

We have 60 days, to capture how we see KSA after being here for 3 great years. I will shoot with my 50mm only and this will be my mini-project before starting a new fantastic adventure!

La nostra avventura in Arabia Saudita sta per terminare e noi stiamo già pensando a quella che tra poco sarà la nosta nuova casa. Vediamo ovunque segni che spingono la nostra immaginazione verso gli Stati Uniti ed abbiamo una lista di amici conosciuti qui e che saranno nostri ‘vicini di casa’ a Houston, una volta che ci saremo trasferiti. Presto, molto presto!

Abbiamo 60 giorni per catturare L’Arabia SAudita come la vediamo dopo averci vissuto 3 anni bellissimi. Scatterò solo col 50mm e questo sarà il mio mini-progetto prima di iniziare una nuova fantastica avventura!


  1. Heidi says:

    What an awesome adventure. Your images are amazing I love when they tell a story


    • Thanks Heidi. If you see anyone you like for your blog just let me know: I’ll be happy to share it for free!

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      • Heidi says:

        Thats so sweet, I will definitely look through, I have four blogs and of course I would link them back to you. That is something you might want to consider to get more traction for your blog

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      • that’d be great! I still need to understand where I want to go with my blog: right now is a fantastic experience designed for myself, not to forget this great adventure in Saudi Arabia. Soon we will move to Houston…another chapter!! Any feedback from you would be a stimulus to creativity!

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