Zen Photography in Oman

Eventually we fixed our trip to Oman! It was almost one year we were thinking about it and that much we took to take action. Short trip at the beginning of February: 4 days including travelling (well not that much: from Saudi it’s just 1.5 hours), stayed at a nice hotel for the right price and managed to go around Muscat a lot. That’s what we wanted : get a first taste to help prepare a second, longer trip.


Mood and Photography

This trip, that weekend, required a lot of zen-photography. Fighting the stress through photography proved to be effective and the Suk of Muscat is just the right place.

Walk around without a specific destination, feel the light and warmth of the sun. The scent of Oud in the air tells us we are close to the Suk. Ideal place for the Fuji TX-1 and 23mm.


Most of the Suk is in an alley and the neon lights interfere with the Fuji sensor while in ‘silence’ mode: had to turn that mode off risking a bit to be discovered during the most audacious shots. Everything went fine!




Switch Gear – Get new friends

I switched to the Canon and almost immediately, with my surprise, got approached by a guy. I was worried and concerned that he might be questioning my street-photographer activity. On the contrary: attracted by the big camera he started a conversation and eventually agreed on a portrait session. Good opportunity to test the 85mm.


Lessons learned here:

  1. Relax: in Middle-East you have more friends than what you think
  2. Visibility may be an advantage in street photography. Sometimes
  3. Street portraits… a new field to explore

Rest and the Wadi

Need to rest to recharge batteries and take relief from the stress of the week. Take some time to do what you like, wander around and enjoy the place where you are.

Then your mind and body are ready for a new adventure, but not too fast: now is time for dinner! We chose Bait al Luban a typical Omanite restaurant. Very recommended.


Adventure time! Destination on the map: Wadi Shaab. We agreed with the guide to change the original plan and visit the fisherman town near-by where our guide is familiar and has some friends and relatives. The excuse is that the weather is not nice, the truth is that we care much more of seeing Oman from the inside than spending the full day at the Wadi.



Choose the untraveled road

That’s what you get when you trust locals and choose the untraveled road. You find yourself in amazing places such as this valley surrounded by high mountains and palm-trees, know people so different yet so close to you, enrich your soul with the beauty that your eyes see.




And even if you are in a touristic place, look around yourself, there’s always space for something true, real, authentic. I don’t remember the name of this man: he works at the Wadi Shaab base station and keeps the bath room clean.




Time to leave

Of course I did not show you any picture of the Wadi! You can easily find them online and I am loosing interest for that kind of photography: what I shoot you can’t find anywhere else!

Oman seen in Zen mode was great, people are open, friendly and warm, we know we will be back and see more and different sides of this fantastic place.




Money and Photography: confessions from an (ex)addicted – Soldi e Foto: confessioni di un (ex)maniaco

Of all my hobbies, only wind-surfing could burn my money faster than photography. Those who approach photography for the first time they’d better be prepared. I knew people who migrated from Canon to Nikon overnight, selling out for cheap money camera and L-lenses bought in ten years of sacrifices.

Degli hobby che ho avuto solo il wind-surf riusciva a bruciare i miei soldi più velocemente della fotografia. Chi si avvicina alle foto per la prima volta è bene che sia preparato.
Ho conosciuto gente in grado di migrare notte-tempo da Canon a Nikon svendendo macchina e obiettivi serie L acquistati in 10 anni di risparmi.

There is no limit if you don’t set it – Non c’è limite se non ti dai un limite

In this digital era these are the major temptations:

– New Camera: full-frame, reflex or mirrorless, zillions of mega-pixels, super burst to capture a Formula 1 car speeding, special alloys bodies and full-sealed bodies

Fast Lens: my greatest trap. An f/1.4 or better f/1.2 lens is currently my topic of choice for psycological therapy

– The ideal system: a cool Mac, like pros!

-Accessories: flash, bags, memories, batteries…




Nell’epoca digitale le maggiori tentazioni sono:

– Nuova macchina: magari full-frame, reflex o mirrorless, trillioni di mega-pixel, raffica per catturare le Formula 1 in pieno rettilineo, corpi in leghe aeronautiche e tropicalizzazione totale

– Obiettivo luminoso:
questa per me è l’insidia maggiore. La lente f/1.4 o meglio f/1.2 è attualmente argomento di discussione tra me ed il mio psicanalista

– Il sistema ideale:
un bel Mac, come i professionisti!

– Accessori:
flash, borse, schede di memoria, batterie…

What really matters – Ciò che conta

Here we have different schools of thought: from the new-wave-zen who values only ideas and talent,  to the nerd-techno-geek who boils everything down to labs parameters invisible at bare eye. I set myself in between: good ideas need good means to excel and emerge.

Now enough with the blog: I have to go and buy a stand and a soft-box!

Qui ci sono varie scuole di pensiero: dal new-wave-zen per cui ciò che conta sono solo le idee ed il talento al nerd-geek tecnologico che riconduce tutto a parametri da laboratorio ed invisibili ad occhio nudo. Io mi colloco a metà: buone idee hanno bisogno di una realizzazione all’altezza per eccellere e venire fuori.

Ora basta scrivere: devo andare a comprare treppiede e soft-box!

New Site!

‘You kinda have to go were the oil is’ Lee Raymond, CEO ExxonMobile


It was in the air: the old Blogger site showed its limits. Let the new site be!

I will leave on Blogger the 365 Day Photography project: it’s been fun and many pictures and nice moments are there. On this new platform I will write, from time to time, about my experience as an Italian in KSA and as a friend of KSA when I am back to Italy for vacations.

Photography will be either the subject and sometimes an excuse, the Kingdom and other Gulf Countries the main playground, our friends and the people we meet will be the actors.

Follow me, comment my posts if you like, send me questions and suggestions: this new adventure is just starting!

Era nell’aria: il vecchio sito sviluppato con Blogger iniziava a mostrare la corda. E nuovo sito sia! Lascio su Blogger il progetto fotografico 365 foto: è stato divertente e ci sono molte foto e momenti belli. Su questa nuova piattaforma voglio scrivere la mia esperienza di Italiano in Arabia Saudita ma anche quella di amico dell’Arabia Saudita quando rientro in Italia per le vacanze.

La fotografia sarà molte volte il soggetto principale ma a volte potrà essere solo una scusa per scrivere. L’Arabia e gli altri Paesi del Golfo Persico saranno il teatro principale, i nostri amici e le persone che incontriamo saranno gli attori.

Seguitemi, commentate i miei post se avete voglia, mandatemi domande se suggerimenti: questa nuova avventura sta per iniziare!